We strive to produce products that evoke the thought of "Good Living," using premium raw materials transformed by old world processes to deliver the finest tastes in their purest form.  All of our cigars are hand rolled by trained Cuban Torcedores (rollers).

Pierson Geoffreys hand rolled cigars can absolutely compete with the more well-known, quality brands in the marketplace. Our cigars are as good and better.  We manufacture and create our own blends.  Whether you consider yourself a cigar aficionado, enthusiast or a beginner, we offer unparalleled products that you can enjoy and will be more than satisfied with your purchase.

Our business is dedicated to becoming one of the top companies in the industry by working hard to satisfy your needs through delivery of premium cigars that are smooth and flavorful.  Feel confident that you are receiving exceptional products by choosing Pierson Geoffreys.  If we would not smoke it, we don't offer it to our customers.  We value your business.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. We appreciate your time and company.



Pierson Geoffreys was at Chaddsford Winery last summer.  I am not easily impressed and was initially aprehensivie but I was truly amazed by the knowledge of the owner and the excellent Perfecto. When I returned this year, I was excited to see them at the Bacon Festival. The Vintage 1967 was another outstanding smoke and this time I grabbed some to go for my friends.  They didn't believe me when I got home last time.  Next stop, road trip to the shop!

Jack R., Newark, DE

I have smoked several cigars through the years with the fellas but just smoked whatever they're smoking.  One of my perspective business clients asked me to meet them at the Pierson Geoffreys shop.  I had a great business call over a fantastic smoke.  I am no cigar expert but the Anejo Havana was the smoothest smoke I've ever had and it still had nice flavor.  I closed the call too!    

Mark F., Broomall, PA


With the guidance and palate sensitivity from our sole blender, J.P., we have entered the marketplace delivering uniquely blended cigars in conjuction with excellent quality control standards.  Giving you our best at all times, while presenting a distinguished smoke, ensures your happiness with our cigars and leads to continued growth and success at Pierson Geofferys. It's all about the cigar for us, so buy and smoke with confidence.